received a Lead Award and an ADC Award

When worlds collide,
something new is born.

From the ultimate clash between online and print came CIRCUS – the very first international blogger bookazine. The avant-garde journalists of the internet contribute bi-annually to a new, monothematic issue of the CIRCUS series. They write in their mother tongue about the questions that burn inside them and they show us the world as they see it through their words, photos and illustrations.


  • What on earth is a Bookazine?

    A bookazine is not some word coined by drunken Germans: quite simply it is the perfect mix between a book and a magazine. It combines the timeless, high quality character of a book with the contemporary, fresh, and stylish nature of a magazine. Through this medium, each issue is able to explore a different topic in an original, exciting and unique manner, earning a proud place at the centre of every bookcase. It’s pretty damn special.

  • What are the main aims of CIRCUS?

    The team behind CIRCUS aims to produce a biannual bookazine, each edition exploring a new and unique topic. Behind CIRCUS there is a belief that the online world and the printed one can not only co-exist, but can actually complement each other as well. By sourcing bloggers, each edition offers the reader a diverse and international range of material, thought provoking articles and truly original perspectives, all in one timeless publication. In short, we aim to take over the world.

  • What is the inspiration behind CIRCUS? Who came up with the idea?

    Six friends in the epicentre of the world, Darmstadt, Germany, realised that the publishing world had something missing. Despite the fact that bloggers dominate the world of the internet, they were still hugely under-represented and under-appreciated in the world of print. But thankfully for the blogosphere, Anke, Eva, Flo, Josef, Inga and Rebecca have got their backs.

  • Why should people follow CIRCUS?

    CIRCUS offers a completely new perspective. Unlike most publications, it embraces the growth of the internet and accepts the importance of online blogging, while still respecting the importance of the printed word. Following CIRCUS means you will be following a project which is truly unique and ahead of its time. And sometimes we post photos of Flo cross dressing.

  • Why was this topic chosen?

    Actually, fashion chose us. As avid readers of blogs, we realised the under-rated potential, expertise and creativity of fashion bloggers. Talent should never be left unnoticed. It’s just not natural, especially when the blogosphere was bursting with talent. We loved their photographs and their untainted opinions. We became bonafide stalkers: fashion blogs dominated our radar, and from there, the CIRCUS concept continued to develop.

  • How will the CIRCUS #1 differ from any other fashion publication?

    CIRCUS Fashion will offer a unique perspective on the fashion industry. We don’t discuss who has the best style out of Beyonce and Rihanna (although we all agree that Beyonce wins on the bootylicious spectrum). We won’t even tell you which shoes to wear this season. Instead we take a step back and consider fashion from a new direction: from the consumers to the producers. Through our mix of bloggers, illustrators and photographers, CIRCUS will open up the world of fashion in a way that no other publication has before.

  • What languages will it be available in?

    CIRCUS bookazines have an international dynamic, with all the articles printed in English and nearly all of them also available in German. To keep things exciting, CIRCUS Fashion also includes texts in Chinese, Spanish, Greek and Italian. We like to keep it multicultural. It’s just the way we roll.

  • How many pages is the first issue?


  • How much does the bookazine cost?

    The price varies depending on where in the world you are, but you can expect it to be around €14. That’s approximately four kebabs. This might sound expensive, but believes us, it’s worth it.

  • Which countries and stores is CIRCUS be available in?

    We are distributed in quality book stores and newsagents alike. You can also find us on Amazon or our own online store. We aim to be in every capital city that our bloggers live. Basically, CIRCUS will be available worldwide (apart from a few war zones maybe).

  • Will you answer my question?

    Sure. Drop us a line or post it on Formspring.

CIRCUS in stores worldwide