received a Lead Award and an ADC Award

CIRCUS is all about fashion. Bloggers from all over the world worked exclusively for CIRCUS Fashion. They took a look at the hidden stories of the fashion world – far away from top model shows, beauty tips and brandmania. You’ll read about a man with a wool fetish and a blind woman with great sense of style, see toddling beauty queens and a girl with a beard, and dream about the ancient dresses from Kihnu island or the garments of the future. Explore the world of fashion with them and find so much more.

When designing the app we focused on making your reading-time about reading, not pushing buttons. And we came up with a few concepts for a better reading experience:
endless scroll
Books have pages. Screens do not. Why do iPad magazines still use a page based concept? Users very well understand that their devices are not made of paper. That’s why we publish a pageless magazine: CIRCUS for iPad has a single column layout that makes use of the infinite vertical space.
one-button navigation
Why overloading an app for reading with features? You have to spend valuable time to understand how to use them only to find out that you don’t need them at all.
dynamic bookmarking
It works like magic: The app automatically remembers where you stopped reading your articles. If you access the article later you can continue at just the right spot.
ad free, pure magazine reading experience
In CIRCUS we don’t tell you what to wear and how to look. Instead we take a step back and consider fashion from a new direction: from the consumers to the producers. And we don’t want to spoil it for you by including ads. If you want to look at pictures we have a number of photo editorials in the app.
Our »ruler« is a reading help that’s both simple and innovative. Try it.
award-winning photo editorials, illustration and design
Images and texts are distributed evenly in CIRCUS. Along with their aesthetic and entertaining quality, photo editorials are equally as informative. The Bookazine was awarded with an Art Director’s Club Award for its editorial design and received a Lead Award in the category »Newcomer of the Year«.
crowd-sourced high-quality text
No, we didn’t just copy and paste »the Internet«. Bloggers from all over the world produced high class journalistic content exclusively for CIRCUS. They incorporate their diverse cultural influences into their texts, photos and illustrations and give their own perspective on the industry.
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