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Bookazine? Bookazine!

by Rebecca Sandbichler · written on February 28th, 2010 · lies diesen Eintrag auf Deutsch

WTF? These are the letters I see flit through the mind of my interlocutor, each time I tell them about Herznote’s CIRCUS_project, like dollar signs that light up in Uncle Scrooge’s oversized duck eyes. “Bookazine. We produce a Bookazine.” No one gets it. Books, magazines, newspapers and TV – these are the journalistic mediums that an average media consumer orbits.But our colleagues frown their heads upon the word and the description, “a mix of book and magazine,” makes it no easier. It is the same for us, by the way. There are so few publishers who use this word for their publication. And even fewer who use it correctly. Up to a few exceptions, no real role model exists.

Graphic novelist and blogger, Warren Ellis, selected some interesting definitions on the format. The understanding of what constitutes a real Bookazine is based on the interpretation of the publishers. But some larger publishers find that simply “putting together” previous articles is enough to label their recycled product a “Bookazine.” The opinions are drifting ….

At CIRCUS, we too are yet to agree on a precise definition. But, we’ve established some basic features:

CIRCUS Bookazines …

… are monothematic and timeless

… consist of contributions from various authors and artists

… offer an enigmatic and unusual perspective on the chosen topic

… include formal elements of a book: prologue and epilogue, a detailed table of contents, chapters and notes

… are reader-friendly, multi-faceted and shaped like a magazine. Content is presented through photo series, illustrations and a perfectly matched layout

… have a luxurious cover and strong paper

… are bought in well-stocked magazine shops, bookstores, boutiques and museum shops

… don’t end up in the trash, but as a collector’s item at the forefront of any bookshelf

The timeless character is highlighted by the definition of the Nordic Bookazine,  LOFT:

“‘Bookazine’ because we want to create something worth keeping. A symbiosis
between a magazine and a book that goes against the dominant trend of consuming and throwing away tons and tons of printed matter that we could have easily done without from the beginning.”

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