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Click It – Or Don’t

by Anke Schuhardt · written on February 11th, 2011 · lies diesen Eintrag auf Deutsch

This week we’re right in time to give a short glimpse of what we’ve found interesting and funny this week. Here we go!

Confess your sins.

As you may know we’re working on an iPad version of CIRCUS #1 Fashion. Meanwhile we recommend Confessions: “Do you have a hard time keeping track of your sins? I know I do. Thankfully the Roman Catholic Church has officially endorsed this new iPhone app, called Confessions, to aid you in categorizing and listing your sins until your next confessional.” (nerve.com) Too bad that the vatican officially banned confession via the new app. We would have loved to recommend it to you, especially for our next topic:

Sex, sex, sex

When it comes to pop music like Rihannas I’m glad that I neither listen to the radio nor watch TV. Rihannas new video caught my attention when I was reading Bangs’ blog. It’s called “S&M” – it’s not hard to imagine what it is all about. “I thank everything holy I don’t have to raise a daughter. I can’t imagine coming home to find my kid singing about whips and chains and tying herself up because she saw Rihanna do it. It’s just too much, too soon. It’s not about being a prude or against sexual experimentation. Sex is nothing to be ashamed of, but it also doesn’t need to be paraded around on this kind of platform, packaged as bubblegum pop.” (Bangs and a Bun)

Move your ass!

Since 2007  Davey is dancing around the world – here’s his dance #100:

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Are you excited of Valentines Day? Not really? If you agree with us that it is the most overestimated holiday ever enjoy nerves’ Best of Craigslist Valentins Day special. But now that Ken tries to win Barbie back I might have to re-consider my aversion against the flower vendors’ day … or maybe not. However, have a look at these pictures by Mariel Clayton:

Yesterday we sent out our latest Newsletter – and you might have noticed that the kickstarter and autograph book links were missing. I won’t search for excuses, I admit that I totally forgot about it. But here they are: Support us at Kickstarter. And if you want to be part of our blogger autograph book contact us at hq@herznote.com

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