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A so far hushed up anecdote of Eva A. and Florian S.

by Eva Anhaeuser · written on October 26th, 2010 · lies diesen Eintrag auf Deutsch

I am a graphic designer – I write my to-dos still on a sheet of paper and cross them out with my pen. Online and RGB colours meant Facebook, Google and Spiegel to me – a lot of entertainment and a few information. But I learned here what the web can actually do for me and how to use it “reasonably”. Rebecca, Anke and Flo, are studying online journalism and teached me. As well as Joseph, who has a passion for online to-do lists. I’ve took up these challenges and now, after a year of cooperation, I must admit that many of these tools make sense. My hard disk would be bursting without the dropbox, a lot of ideas would have gone lost without our wiki and I promise for the next issue that I will take Google Spreadsheets more seriously. So here’s a little anecdote from the rather stressful times of CIRCUS #1 and an ode to Google Spreadsheets.

It is the 12th August 2010, just before printing and we are completely under pressure. Melanie, Rebecca and I go through the index. I check my book file in InDesign, Rebecca read the Google Spreadsheet called “Content Plan”. Two pages are missing – but I win – InDesign is right. I’m convinced.

At least I was – until the 15th of August, 8 o’clock. Flo and I have not really slept for three days, today we fly to Vilnius and I’m saving the final, final, final … version of CIRCUS # 1. Inga is asleep on the couch. Flo does something online. Done. The book file has 350 pages. 350?

“The table of contents has only 350 pages? Flo? “


“Two pages are missing!”

“Two pages are missing?”


(And then I remember. After all, Google Spreadsheet was right.)

“What now?”

“The index is wrong, all the links in the texts are wrong. We are ruined. “

But fortunately we are alone in the office. Inga is still asleep. And very quietly, without losing a single word about our plight, we add two more pages.

“Ladies and Gentlemen. Let’s begin. “

… and no one noticed :). Until today.

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