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Endless greetings from CIRCUS

by Tahira Parvez · written on September 8th, 2010 · lies diesen Eintrag auf Deutsch

It’s Monday and the end of August. We are sitting together in our usual Monday morning meeting. I’m looking through the air, letting my thoughts run wild in a daydream. The meeting is nearly over and suddenly it strikes me, that I haven’t got anything to do. But Josef, the CEO approaches me and gives me a task. Little do I know, that it will keep me busy for the next eight days.Did I understand that right? I shall create at least one hundred postcards by hand. Everyone an individual piece? I love to be creative and to work with my hands – but, more than a hundred cards?!?

So I start – buying the material, cutting it to the right size, printing the logo and all the information I need, cutting it again, putting it in order and …

…glueing, glueing, glueing – until I rip it off again because it doesn’t seem to look nice.

I’ve almost finished the tenth card. Hm… I already used the blue, red, green, gray, black and yellow CIRCUS logo. Which one shall I pick next?

No, this card doesn’t look right. How shall I arrange all the elements this time? It should look original every time but I’m pretty sure I already made a card like this.

It’s the end of Wednesday and I still haven’t finished. Oh my god, the cards seem to never end. My hand is shivering, the scissors are getting heavier and heavier, my sight is blurry and I can’t focus anymore. Help me, I’m drowning in coloured paper.
On Friday there aren’t any more white cards, only blue and red to go. Now I have some help – thanks to Inga.

I’m working and working, someone approaches me asking “Is this one finished already?” Yes, it is – my ideas loose detail.
Finally, Tuesday, all 128 cards lie in front of me. The long process – all this hard work in the last eight days – finally finished. Now, all the cards are created, there isn’t a single piece of blank paper left. Oh sweet victory!

Soon my creations will find their way to your doorstep. With greetings from the Herznote staff and from me.

What did I hear Josef say, yesterday? (“The cards are almost gone, maybe we need the same amount again?”).

Maybe I didn’t hear anything at all…

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  1. Bangs and a Bun:

    This is absolutely fantastic and yet another example of what makes Circus (and the Circus team!) so great. Can’t wait to see the cards.