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EyeCandies Blog
EyeCandies Blog

Interview: EyeCandies Blog – Inspiration upon Inspiration

by Anke Schuhardt · written on January 13th, 2011 · lies diesen Eintrag auf Deutsch

Always searching for new inspiration I stumbled upon the EyeCandies Blog a few weeks ago. The blogs is run by Aphrodite from Athens and there’s a lot to discover: art, photography, interviews, fashion, … or, like she says herself: “All in all … you’re in the ultimate source of creative inspiration!”

Tell me about your blog – how would you describe EyeCandies and how did the whole idea came up?

I launched the EyeCandies Blog project on December 2009 aiming to set up a space where fresh creative talent could be exposed. I was delighted to discover so many inspiration blogs that showcased creations by various artists and designers, so instead of just republishing in facebook or stumbleupon, I decided to create a platform where I could host creativity in the fields in which I’m most inclined to: art, craft, photography, decoration and fashion. From my point of view, the most important section of the blog is the interviews with creative people from all around the world, where one can read about their story so far, their views on arts and also get some valuable advice. This far, we’ve published 47 interviews with artists, crafters, photographers and designers.

You say EyeCandies is a source of inspiration – what inspires you personally?

I’m an image person and a collector at heart. First impressions always matter and from my angle, art and creativity in general must be communicative in order to serve as an inspiration. I respect and admire balance, aesthetics and passion in creation.

How do you find all these interesting artists?

There are hundreds of sources to discover fresh and emerging talent. To name only the basicFlickr, Behance, Deviantart, Dripbook and many more.

You have different sections and it seems  you put a lot of effort into your blog. How much time do you invest? Do you do it all on your own or with the help of your two contributors?

I have to admit that when I started the blog I didn’t imagine that it would take up almost all of my free time. It has! My digital portraits project has “suffered” from EyeCandies since I have been terrible in promoting my illustrations the last year as I hardly could find some free time. It is a demanding, yet rewarding project – and I don’t mean financially rewarding.

I’m very proud of the girls also implicated in the blog and their priceless contribution. Magdalena especially who is our fashion editor has been doing an amazing work bringing us la crème de la crème of editorials, trends and brands.

Digital Artwork from Aphrodite

You started EyeCandies one year ago – are you happy about the development so far?

Yes, very happy! It’s very hard to build up readership but I think that EyeCandies has been steadily evolving and welcomed in the creative community. We’re currently receiving over 10.000 unique visitors and 20.000 pageviews a month and have also broaden our network in both facebook, twitter and stumbleupon.

Last question: if you could start traveling right now – where would you go, what would you do?

I’d love to walk and discover the urban art scene of Berlin and of course visit and photograph as many galleries I could.

More EyeCandies on facebooktwitterStumbleUpon and tumblr.

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