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Interview: Stijl and Sophistication

by Inga Schoermann · written on January 18th, 2011 · lies diesen Eintrag auf Deutsch

As an exception I sit at my prviate desk in Darmstadt when I meet Bastian Steineck for a hot beverage. He sits in his office in Mainz. As always, Skype makes it possible. While I slurp my peppermint tea he shows off with a cup of coffee with milk froth. A coproduction of their joint office, he says with a smile. He looks smart with his fuzzy blonde hair and the black shirt he wears. What does he do in Mainz? Read for yourself.

You are one of the main persons responsible for the fair Stijl taking place on the 29th and 30th of January in Mainz, Germany. But before we start talking about it I would like to get to know how to pronounce its name. Do you say it the German way “Stil” or the English way “Style”?

Actually, you pronounce it “Style”. The name is following the Dutch artist movement “De Stijl”. However, many say “Stil” and even the organisational team says “Stil” most of the time as a gag. But officially it is still called “Style”.

Bastian Steineck

You also call the Stijl “Festival and Fair for Fashion, Sports and Design” – why don’t you decide for one?

Well, the fair has developed in a short period of time. Our main idea was to bring together the textile industry to sell all the remaining stock you won’t even get rid of with a sale at the end of a season. Virtually, a gigantic direct sale with appropriately low prices.

But that’s not all. We also wanted it to be a high-quality presentation platform for young creatives who are in our “cosmos”. Our “cosmos” is all about music, design, art, fashion, internet and sports. It also has the atmosphere of a festival as you don’t pay the entry of 3 Euros, get your lap and leave again. There are loads of different further events instead, such as live music and a bit of action. Have you heard of headis?


Headis is a mixture of header and table tennis, which we play this winter. Furthermore you can get yourself t-shirts printed, visit a street art exhibition or paint on graffiti walls. The guys of Consollection will turn up with oldschool game consoles. And the so called Halbzijt Party on Saturday will be sensational too.

And which exhibitors are your personal highlights?

We do have a lot of loyal companions who take part for the fourth time this winter. Some of them are from far away, as for example from Berlin. We now cooperate with DaWanda for the second time, so there will be a lot of handmade and unique stuff made by newcomers. I am looking forward to all the “Freshers”. Frisur Clothing, Trinitas, Selma and Schokoklunker definitely belong to my highlights. But obviously I’m looking forward to all of our exhibitors.

Where does it all take place?

It has been in an old warehouse until now, but as we’ve grown continuously it will now take place in the Alte Postlager Mainz. It is also nearer to the city centre, directly next to the central station. However, the flair of the factory is still there. We also have skateboard guys driving around in the hall. So it suits the surrounding.

Your website says that your team consists of former design students.

That isn’t quite right. Although both of my bosses are graphic designers, I study communication studies and am responsible for all the organisational things while my boss makes all the important decisions. That means I am in the office very often, but I like it. There are also another communication student and a graphic designer helping us. It is great that we are all about one age, I am 23 years old, and we are on the same wavelength.

Sounds exactly like us. And as we’ve got along really well and loved the concept immediately CIRCUS does have a booth at the Stijl, too. We are looking forward to it. What do you reckon how many visitors will come?

The fair has taken place three times now and all in all 8000 visitors have been there. This time there will be approximately 4000 visitors. Luckily Mainz loves everything new and different.

Photos: Stijl

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  1. Yorick:

    “… he shows off with a cup of coffee with milk froth.”

    Show-off – Ha ha, that seems like he’s a pretentious git. Word choice maybe? I bet he’s quite tolerable.