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by Inga Schoermann · written on October 12th, 2010 · lies diesen Eintrag auf Deutsch

They wanted it to become an exhibition about district magazines – at least that’s what the Cologne magazine Ehrenfelder thought. But then things do not usually happen quite as you expect them to.

In a short period of time numerous applications clunked through their letter box – even from magazines that had no bearing on districts. As a result, since friday there are several magazines as popular as Dummy, Slanted and Cut hanging next to CIRCUS on threads of the ceiling of the DQE hall and invite you to browse through them.

Since on friday there was the opening of the exhibition – and CIRCUS was part of it. Although Eva and I missed the guided tour through Ehrenfeld thanks to a breakdown on the motorway, we arrived at the exhibiton at half 6 in a halfway refreshed manner. Quickly we got hold of the last room on the sales table, drank champagne with Dirk and Stefan from Froh! and listened to the interesting and charming talks of Berlin Haushoch, Spacedepartment and Junk Jet, which strangly enough presented its work using an Excel table. Moreover, we skimmed through the magazines that were drilled through on their backs (a disgrace for a publisher’s heart, I can tell you!) too and would like to recommend the district magazines Der Wedding and Die Anderen (which was never produced unfortunately) as well as the so called “the draughtwomen’s mag“ Spring warmly to you. Sorry if someone feels left out – surely and unfortunately we have not seen everything!

And here are some impressions of the exhibition and us trying to get there:

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  1. Matthias Knopp:

    Liebe Inga, liebe Eva, wir haben uns sehr über eure Teilnahme gefreut; danke auch für den charmanten Text oben! Hoffe ihr kamt letztlich gut nach Hause! Herzlich, Matthias