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Models Don’t Smile, but I’ll Smile for You

by Tessa Cael · written on September 9th, 2010 · lies diesen Eintrag auf Deutsch

Under the influence of my crazy twin sister, I somehow turn into one of those crazy kids who go to a new city without any money or a plan of any kind. Our destination: Amsterdam(n)!

After getting kicked out of the Rijksmuseum for not being able to either prove that we are under 18 (and get in for free) or pay the 14 euro entrance fee, we headed out with no direction. I guess you can call it serendipity, because as my last shreds of patience were starting to fade, my sister dragged me into a really busy street and sat me down on a plastic chair. Before I could start to protest, we were approached by what could have been the most groomed man I have ever seen in my life. As it turned out, the street we stumbled upon was the hippest street in Amsterdam and we were about to watch a runway show from the front row.

The show consisted of the Fall/Winter 10 Street and High Fashion trends, as well as a children’s line. Among the craziness of discovering what to do in Amsterdam with less than 80 euro, we got to wash our eyes on Dolce & Gabana, Replay, Prada and other designers, as well as models who would rather give you a death stare than show their untrained and unattractive smile.

Enjoy the pics!

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  1. anja ze baby cael:

    you forgot to mention WHY we were so broke and how it is that we got the 80 euros to spend in the first place. bad tessa :D