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Dear friends of CIRCUS,

Thanks a lot for having taken this wild trip with us up until today. Unfortunately, our journey has come to an end for now. CIRCUS Voyage won’t be published in March.

However, it’s not over because of a lack of will – a lot of professional authors, photographers and illustrators have already contributed and new ones get in touch with us every day. It’s not ending because of the bloggers’ work – we have already got a lot of great ideas. It’s not over because of the quality of CIRCUS – the first issue was universally acclaimed and we couldn’t be more satisfied with our bookazine.
The one and only reason why it’s over is a problem many young publishers struggle with: money.

When we started to work for CIRCUS Fashion we had the aim to be able to pay the editorial office as well as all the blogging contributors from all over the world for their creative work. This demand was a part of a huge dream, a dream we have fulfilled mostly as CIRCUS was a great success: a multilingual publication of 350 pages with beautiful editorials and illustrations, with stories from around the world written by international authors. Enthusiastic readers bought CIRCUS in Stockholm and Rome, in New York and Sidney, Tel Aviv and Rio de Janeiro, in Singapore and Tokyo. We have met the most exciting people at our Blog Slams in London and Berlin. On the fair, Le Book Connections, professionals from our area of business confirmed what we had already felt: CIRCUS is something special, a bookazine connecting people from all over the world. In the infinite spaces of the internet creatives joined their forces to work on a timeless and high-quality print product. They investigated and wrote articles that would have been too long for their blogs. They drew illustrations that have a special effect printed on paper. They took magic photos that discharged their power on every page. However, they did not do it for nothing as the appreciation on the part of readers and colleagues was great. Nevertheless, they, as well as the regular members of staff, worked unpaid. This one important aim to earn enough money with our highly professional work to keep the editorial office alive is what we have not achieved.

Surely, we could forget our standards and become unfaithful to our readers, sell ourselves and our high ideals and put unlabeled advertisement in articles instead of working for free. Also, we could send our bloggers on journeys paid by tourist associations. Then, we wouldn’t be allowed to denounce mismanagement in the industry or talk about difficult issues. We would have to abandon all our principles and stop working in the way we consider to be correct. We are not willing to pay such a heavy price for commercial success. That is why we decided to take the honest way and to admit that sometimes the best ideas don’t bring in enough money.

Obviously, we are disappointed and very sad that we have had to call off the second issue. Our plans were great and you were very excited, too. However, we are not embittered. Instead, we celebrate a great and important success as we have shown all the sceptics that the time has come to put an end to the media market’s throwaway habits, that combining print and internet can work, that bloggers are not just creative but professional, that it is exciting to read an article in two languages, that our cultural differences are great but our common grounds even greater, that young goldfish can create a beautiful international project in the shark tank known as publishing – thanks to courage, diligence and team spirit.

As we know how hard it is to maintain your hold in this business we would like to pass on our experience to all of you if you are planning something big too. Please feel free to turn to us with any questions you might have. At this point, we also thank everybody who has helped us with their knowledge and experience.

We know we will set off at some point again – hopefully, with those motivated and capable people who have made the first bookazine possible. We have not given up our dreams fully. At the moment we are working on the iPad version of CIRCUS Fashion. Although we have to take a breather, we are convinced that great ideas like CIRCUS will reach the summit at some point. Probably it will go a long way round, but we have not lost sight of our goal.

Thanks a lot for your support in the last year and all the inspiration we got from you.

We will come back.

Kind regards,

The CIRCUS editorial office

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  1. proletkult:


  2. Andre H.:

    schade :-( Ich habe mit großem Interesse CIRCUS gelesen …

  3. olive:

    I really enjoyed CIRCUS #1 and was looking forward reading #2…
    it’s very sad that you have to give up.
    You’ve done a great job on this bookazine!

  4. Rebecca Sandbichler:

    Hey Olive,

    thanks for this nice feedback. But it’s not all over just yet. We have a little surprise for today.

    Best, Rebecca