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Behind the Hype

Dan Hacker
Dan Hacker

The OK Festival was not only a success in combining magazine makers and creative talent, but also in furthering the discourse surrounding the digital take-over and that nifty little Apple device that was released earlier this year: the iPad. Amsterdam-based art director, Luis Mendo, predicted that with the imminent rise of mobile technology, so too will the demand for screenzines.

And so the print and digital debate goes on …

Everything will be OK.

OK Parking
OK Parking

Blame our lack of organisational skills or our unjustified assumptions, but even though we’ve known about the independent magazine’s 3-day weekend extravaganza at O.K. Festival for months — we didn’t get tickets! I found out on Tuesday, once Eva sent an e-mail titled, “Nothing is O.K. anymore! fuck fuck fuck!” that the event had in fact, sold out. But, hey, everything will be OK. Ticket-less or not, the Herznote team are still going.

And we’ve got a plan.

I won’t go into too much detail since spies are everywhere. But it involves tight ropes, lycra body suits, some sneaky dance moves and a little bit of Beyonce playing on an old-90s boom box. We’ve only had three days to plan it, but we’re sure it’ll be a success. We even organised a skype conference call with MacGyver, just for a few extra tips.

Seriously though, we will be there to soak up some creativity and enjoy the festival’s atmosphere. If you happen to be in Arnhem tomorrow and can ignore the mysterious tools we’ll be carrying and the lycra outfits – you’ll find we’re not so crazy and would love to have a chat!

At least we’ve scored tickets to the party! Yeeeah.

Update: We succeeded. Ha!