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Top Types Tease Top Designers

by Eva Anhaeuser · written on November 9th, 2010 · lies diesen Eintrag auf Deutsch

Photographer Per Schorn and Art Director Felix Scheu open the first CIRCUS with their editorial ‘Fashion Victim’. Behind the advertisements top designers published in relevant print publications Per and Felix suspect totally different scenarios than the everyday fashion circus. See yourself – and read about the show behind the scenes here.

Hello TOP crew,

has there ever been someone giving you a name like this?

Honestly, we are always surprised ourselves how well the collaboration works. Anyway, we thank you from the top … eh bottom of our hearts for this nice nickname.

We are satisfied with your project from TOP to toe – are you?

It is the best we’ve completed till today! Apparently, that’s what we always say, but this time it is true. Well, that’s what we always say too, but this time …

Why did you want to become CIRCUS artists?

Basically, the bookazine’s format is really interesting. Somehow, the blogger-generated content fits into the time, but it also stands out thanks to the medium’s permanence. It forces you to be topical but profound too. That is why we felt at home immediately.

How long did it take you to decide which idea would be the deifinite one?

There’s no definite answer to this question. It was a process of about three weeks. However, you don’t think of the project continuously. In between times, the most important thing is to distance yourself from the project without digressing the topic. This kind of “concentrated looking away” helps to see the wood for the trees.

Did you study or is it talent that got you so far?

Certainly, studying provided time and freedom for us to get to know our talents and to develop them. If you can get yourself time and freedom without studying you probably don’t need to study.

Do you have any role models?

There are loads of designers and photographers we look up to. However, you have to take care that you don’t bent on them too much and loose track of your way. But obviously it is music in our ears to be published together with Peter Lindbergh in the same bookazine.

For how long have you been working with each other?

In 2006 we were enrolled in the same course about experimental photography for the first time. After university our first work together was the beauty editorial “Haircore” we realised together with make-up artist Ellen Swiezy. Since then she completes the team.

Which picture was the one you cheated most with?

“Cheating” would mean fooling the viewer, pretending something false. That is why this word does not really work for photos that are staged like these. However, if you want to know which picture required most work to achieve the desired effect than it would be the last one, the one Scarlett looks pretty dead on.

Are there any funny stories that happened during the production?

We don’t want to invent something funny: For the most parts, it was concentrated work during which we had a lot of fun though. And we also cannot tell any horror stories. Remarkably enough, we won’t forget this football world championship although we have seen hardly any match.

Per, you are the photographer. And again, I appologise for the unclear sentence on our reverse – apparently, it should have said: “Per shoots a ‘Fashion Victim'”. Now, I saw you shooting and you handle the models very well – totally relaxed. Do you like working with people?

Apparently, I am a stilllife photographfer who by mistake started taking pictures of people. Dead objects can only give you limited feedback. That is why it is more interesting to me to work with people. An object is the same everyday, but a person’s mood can change from one second to another. The appealing thing on people photography is to let yourself in for this and to control it to some degree.

Felix, the photo is the groundwork for your work. What is the most fascinating thing about the post production? And after all, how well prepared does the photo have to be?

I imagined the pictures from the very beginning the way we shot them in the end. Post production and art direction go hand in hand in my head. Although good post production can hide a weak starting point, mostly you will end there where the modern mainstream cine films are: It is all about the surface and not about the substance.

My last question is: Where do you go when work has become too much?

Per: I leave the house and stroll around without heading anywhere in particular. Then, my thoughts get sorted in a new way and I am able to work again.

Felix: When my mobile is turned off I am most definitely riding my bike on the Feldberg. Well, what a good idea …

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