received a Lead Award and an ADC Award

The team

All Pictures by Julia Wisswesser.

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Anke Schuhardt, 23, Advertising & Marketing Director

Wherever Marketing Director, Anke, will go, she’ll meet someone she knows. No wonder – the open-hearted press lady is not easily overlooked. Even if she looks crazy, she structures and organises her day with passion – and even the days of the others, for they would be lost without her.

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Eva Anhäuser, 24, Art Direction

Art Director, Eva, doesn’t know no peace. While producing CIRCUS Fashion she also passed her diploma as a graphic designer. When she’s in danger of being overloaded, she just eats Nutella. Without the sweet hazelnut cream, she couldn’t live.

Rebecca Sandbichler, 22, Editor in Chief

Rebecca always has to have a hand in it. Her favourite sentence is, ”But still, we could … “ She pushes everybody to give their maximum performance. But, her pathological condition improved on the 25th of June, when her son Aaron was born. After all, bringing up children is too easily done wrong to be perfect.

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Press Quality TIFF

Florian Siebeck, 21, Photo Director

Photo Director, Florian, loves to do a lot of things at the same time. The all-rounder sorts the photos and illustrations of CIRCUS, edits texts, creates the website and even manages the online shop. Meanwhile, he entertains five chat partners at one time and keeps himself up to date with the latest Hollywood gossip. Mostly, his attention span is rather short. But in the end, somehow, everything works out perfectly.

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Inga Schörmann, 22, Deputy Editor in Chief

Inga is not just Deputy Editor in Chief, but she also organises all the translations in CIRCUS. She is the best at finding mistakes in texts – even if this sometimes borders on bean-counting.

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Josef Mayerhofer, 24, Managing Director

From negotiating all CIRCUS business deals, Josef, plays the big boss. But the truth is, our managing director is not at all a cold-hearted number cruncher. He knows how to make you understand even the most complicated tasks. Only if you drink his coke should you fear him.

Kristin Biason, 23, Editor

Editor Kristine is the embodiment of the idiom, ”still waters run deep.“ She doesn’t talk much, but she hits the nail on the head. The travelling Australian organised the distribution of CIRCUS. However, she should really just become a paleontologist. She loves dinosaurs more than everything. Why? Because they are unbelievable, of course.

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Mary Creighton, 22, Editor

You cannot terrify Mary. Even when the prostitute murderer of Ipswich raged in her quarter, she dared to leave the house. And for CIRCUS she defied death just as well: she called the White House and got through to the assistant of Karl Lagerfeld’s assistant.